Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Recyclable Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable. When stainless is recycled and melted down, valuable alloys are able to be extracted and reused with no degradation in performance from product to product. The vast majority of stainless steel is manufactured using previously recycled materials. 50-70% would be accurate.


Stainless Steel Warranty

Stainless steel water tanks come with a 30 year warranty.  The warranty includes, 30 years for corrosion and 15 year construction warranty for assembly and sealing of the tank.  Stainless steel tanks have a superior warranty guarantee.  This is why we highly recommend 100% recyclable stainless steel tanks.  You are receiving a top quality, if not the best quality, product.

That Clean Steel Look

If you have ever seen a stainless steel tank in person, they are a stunning and complement any environment you place them in.  They also are a great option for a home as they provide good resell value for a house, as well as having longevity of warranty.  In addition, if you have a concrete pad or a well maintain crusher dust pad with a border, you are sure to get compliments galore.

stainless steel 100% recyclable

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