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Our Location

We love the areas of South East Qld and Northern NSW shires, and know just how culturally important water is to these areas.  In our location we’ve been through floods and droughts, and come together as a community time and time again to help our neighbours.  At the heart of our community is our pristine, life-giving rains and waterways.  For example, our waterfalls and rockpools of Springbrook, Currumbin Valley, and Tallebudgera Valley, and our creek mouths and beaches of Kingscliff, Hastings Point, and Pottsville (to name but a few).  And so, our waters are truly and joyously blessed.  

One of the best ways to capitalise on our beautiful water is by harvesting the rain.  Depending on the size of your tank, rainwater tanks are good for toilet flushing, watering the garden, washing clothes, or as your main source of drinkable water.  Expected rainfall in your location can be a crucial factor to how you use your water tank.  And you can feel assured that not only are you relying less on town water and saving money, but you are investing in a more sustainable future.  Consequently, a sustainable future helps to ensure the locations we mentioned above stay pristine.


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