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We Supply A Huge Range Of Rainwater Tanks

We Supply and Install an Extensive Range of Quality Rainwater Tanks From Tweed Heads to Byron Bay.  Below outlines in detail our water tank range.

At Tweed Valley Water Supplies we specialise in water storage requirements. We offer economical high-quality rainwater tanks manufactured of poly, aquaplate/colorbond, and stainless steel. Most tanks are custom made in various sizes or a part of the standard size range.

We supply rainwater tanks in a wide range of sizes including from 1000 litres to 367,831 litres. Our water tank range boasts a variety shapes including round water tanks, slimline tanks, rectangle tanks, eco-slimline tanks and underground tanks that are well-priced and built to last.

So no matter the material, shape or size of rainwater tank you need for your property, we’ve got a solution for you.

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Round Poly Water Tanks

All poly tanks (plastic tanks or pvc tanks) are available in a range of colours to match Colorbond roof colours and made using UV 20 Stabilised Polyethylene to withstand harsh Australian conditions.  The manufacturer embraces the latest technology that establishes high production quality and efficiency.  Products are moulded as a single piece to ensure strength and durability, and these products adhere to food grade standards.  The Polyethylene used is Ultra UV stabilised to weather against the hard Australian sun.  Our tanks are designed with a self-supporting roof to ensure strength and longevity and advanced engineering techniques are used to ensure structural integrity.

The product material is 100% recyclable and come with a leaf strainer and light guard standard.  The strainer is easy to clean and improves water quality by reducing sunlight into the tank which reduces algae and bacteria growth.  They are also equipped with a mosquito-proof mesh.

green round poly rainwater tanksround blue poly rainwater tank






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Slimline Poly Water Tanks

Slimline tanks have a sleek shape to compliment any house or yard. Our tanks are also are suitable for submersible pumps. Tanks have lifting lugs for easy maneuverability (when empty).

10-year full replacement warranty on all poly water tanks.

camel slimline poly rainwater tank






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Standard fittings include:

  • Tie-down lugs for lifting tank into position and restraining tank when empty
  • Brass tank outlet with male and female threads
  • left hand threaded back nut

Aquaplate/Colorbond Rainwater Tanks 

Tweed Valley Water Supplies are an authorised reseller of quality Kingspan Aquaplate tanks. In 2018, we ranked in the top 7 Kingspan resellers in Queensland and Northern NSW regions. Furthermore, we are proud to resell this product and stand by the quality and service of this company.

Kingspan tanks are available in 4 different shapes (see below) and a full range of Colourbond colours are available.

The Slimline range of rainwater tanks are available in all colorbond colours and sizes up to 10000 litres. They are built for narrow spaces, usually to fit along the side of your house. Engineers brace the water tanks with internal stainless steel cross bracing for maximum durability and strength.

Round tanks also come in the complete range of colours and are available in sizes up to 367,831 litres.

Standard fittings include:

  • Light Guard fitted underneath mosquito proof leaf strainer – prevents light entry to tank and limits algae growth
  • 90mm female overflow outlet for connection to standard 90mm stormwater pipe


Do you have specific measurement requirements?  We can organise for a customised tank to fit into any space you require.  The manufacturer makes the tanks in Australia and provide a 20-year corrosion warranty and 10-year construction warranty on Aquaplate/Colorbond water tanks.

Aquaplate/Colorbond steel tanks are fire resistant and have only minor water loss when exposed to bush fires. They are also are environmentally friendly and contain no plastic and have a low carbon footprint during production.

10,000L Steel Rainwater Tank Water Tank RangeStainless Steel Round Water Tank Tweed Heads Water Tank Range









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At Tweed Valley Water Supplies we supply a range of genuine Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel water tanks.

Engineers test, prove and support the quality of our water tanks using Aquaplate® food-grade polymer-coated steel specifically designed for water tanks.  Our manufacturers make tanks that fit perfectly into your space, and they come in 4 different shapes with capacities ranging from 560L to 27,000L.

Available in round and slimline. 

slimline aquaplate steel rainwater tank




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Underdeck Water Tanks

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