Poly Water Tanks

Stylish & Durable Poly Water Tanks

If you’re looking for the best quality water tanks in Australia, Tweed Valley Water Supplies have got you covered. More and more people are looking to add a water tank to their homes for a variety of different purposes, and why settle for anything less than the best? Look no further as we have a poly tank that will effectively suit your every need.

We guarantee quality on the wide range of Polyethylene water containers, slimline water tanks, and water storage containers we offer to suit your requirements.

Our manufacturer mould the tanks as a single piece to ensure strength and durability for years to come, and design tanks with a self-supporting roof to ensure strength and longevity.

Furthermore, all water tanks adhere to AS/NZS 4020 regulations for use in contact with drinking water.  Our manufacturers make tanks using UV 20 Stabilised Polyethylene to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Water storage tanks for all your needs.

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  1. All tanks moulded in food-grade PE
  2. Brass outlet
  3. PVC’s overflow 90mm
  4. Leaf strainer & light guard standard
  5. Roof designed to be self-supporting
  6. Lifting lugs for easy manoeuvrability (when empty, on larger tanks only)

Wide Variety of Shapes & Designs

Plastic water tanks are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you want a round poly tank or slimline water tank, green, beige, or blue, there’s a huge number of choices and combinations. This means you can easily find a water tank to fit awkward spaces or make sure it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Wide Variety of Colours

Poly water tanks can come in a huge range of different colours, as seen below, and can even be colour matched to any Colorbond fence or roof colours for optimal aesthetics.

Poly Tanks Rotathene Revolve Tank Grade Chart 2021

Flexible Tank Design Options

The beauty of using poly to create our water tanks is that the material is extremely flexible, and can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. If you were hoping to add a poly water tank to a small or strangely shaped space, we will absolutely have a product that will work.

You can even afford to be picky about the aesthetic of your tank and can choose one that will match your home’s current design. We offer poly water tanks in numerous colours and styles – the choices are endless.

Round Poly Tank Range

We offer a large range of round polyethylene tanks 500L to 25000Lts. Self-supporting roof design to ensure strength and longevity.

10-year full replacement warranty on all poly water tanks.

Round Poly Tank

Slimline Poly Tank Range

Slimline tanks have a sleek shape to compliment any house or yard. These are suitable for submersible pumps. Tanks have lifting lugs for easy maneuverability (when empty).

10-year full replacement warranty on all poly water tanks.

Slimline Poly Tank







Benefits of Poly Water Tanks

Trying to decide on what type of water tank to install on your property? Plastic or poly water tanks are becoming an increasingly popular choice as both an affordable and durable option. So what are the benefits of poly water tanks.

Easy Installation Process

Compared to stainless steel, poly water tanks are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre into your preferred position. This makes installation much simpler, especially for properties with hills or rougher terrain.

Highly Durable

Poly water tanks come with a reputation for durability. With proper care, they are designed to last for twenty years at least. The plastic material that they are made of is extremely tough, and because of their flexibility, they aren’t easily damaged.

Being made of plastic, they don’t become rigid and brittle or crack and rust either and our tanks come with a coating of UV stabiliser that helps prevent damage from harsh sunlight.

Sustainable Water Tank Option

Here at Tweed Valley Water Supplies, we understand the importance of protecting the environment as much as possible.

Unlike plastic water tanks, polythene is 100% safe to use and can also be recycled.  This makes our tanks the optimum choice.

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