Tips for Selecting Filtration

Selecting Filtration

Selecting filtration systems requires an understanding of where you are getting your water from, what you would like to remove, and where in your house you will be using the water.  Please use our guide below to help answer some of these questions.  We are an agent of Puretec who supply excellent quality filtration systems that produce amazing quality water.

What is your water source to help with selecting filtration?

Different water sources contain different contaminants.

Rainwater – water tank Mains water

What would you like to remove or filter?

Recommended General Filtration, or
Sediment Taste and Odour Bacteria Organics
Fluoride Heavy Metals Hardness/Scale Chlorine

How will you use your filtration system?

Kitchen Whole of house Bathroom


You can shop our most popular products and call us on 02 6679 3245 for more information.  We stock Puretec filtration systems, which are very high quality and the customer service is amazing.


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