Let’s talk about your water tank delivery.

It is important to know what to expect when the truck driver arrives with your water tank.  This is because the sizes of water tank are generally very large, sometimes over 3.5m wide, and are quite heavy, up to 500kgs.  For this reason, we recommend taking a few things into consideration before the delivery.

  1. Access: with all of the wet weather we have been having recently, the need for access to be as dry as possible is increasingly important.  In addition, a wide road, approximately 3.2m wide, with little to no overhanging branches is important as well.  If you have receiving a large water tank, making sure the road to your water tank pad is wide, branches have been removed, and is as dry as possible. 
  2. Pad prepared: the pad must be fully finalised to the specifications mentioned here.
  3. People on site: we do recommend being at home when your water tank delivery occurs, and depending on the size of the tank, more than one person will normally be required to assist the driver in placing the water tank on the pad.  As a general rule of thumb, if you are purchasing a water tank that is 10,000L or above, we recommend an extra 2-3 people on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  4. Tank pad: water tanks are generally delivered on a medium rigid truck, so while the road and house might be accessible by truck, it is important to take into consideration where the tank pad is and if a truck would be able to access it.  If not, the water tank may have to be moved manually from the closest access point to the pad by approximately 3-4 people.


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