Why Round Water Tanks Are A Popular Choice

Our ancestors used nature as inspiration for the circular structures they built. While circular structures aren’t as popular now, we are still fond of the shape because of the strength it provides.

Rainwater tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the benefits of round rainwater tanks are that they are the most economical, strong, ergonomic and hygienic of them all.

At Tweed Valley Water Supplies, we have supplied various Australian-made rainwater tanks to the Tweed and Byron Shires for over 20 years. Have you ever wondered which rainwater tank is right for you?

Here are the five benefits of round rainwater tanks.

1. Economical

Round rainwater tanks require fewer materials to craft it when compared with slimline and box-shaped tanks, so they tend to be the best-valued option. They also take up less surface area than a box-shaped tank, yet hold the same volume of water. Slimline and box-shaped tanks can hold a maximum of 10,000 litres, while round tanks can hold up to 367,831 litres.

If the tank is made from stainless steel, like those we stock, it will last longer. Stainless steel tanks are also more environmentally friendly than polythene because the production emits less carbon.

2. Durable

A round tank can successfully withstand more outward force than a box-shaped or slimline tank. This is because when stress is applied to a round object or structure, the pressure is distributed equally.

While slimline and box-shaped tanks have to be braced to a supportive structure (normally a house), which can be inconvenient, round tanks support themselves. They are also fire resistant, which is something we have to consider in Australia. However, our polythene tanks are more durable where weight is considered.

3. Ergonomic 

When placing a tank, you have to find the best location. If you wish to place it on a hill, you have to consider the potential wind drag. If you want to place it in a valley, you have to consider potential flooding. Round tanks are more able to withstand the impact of both heavy wind and flooding because of their ergonomic design.

4. Hygiene

Round tanks are easier to clean than slimline and box-shaped tanks because they do not have corners where muck can settle and build up.

Our tanks are made from food-safe materials (Aquaplate, stainless steel and polythene), with stainless steel being the best option for the cleanest water. Stainless steel is used in the medical, food processing and catering industries.
It’s No Surprise Round Water Tanks Are a Popular Choice

Round rainwater tanks are superior to box-shapes and slimline tanks for a variety of reasons. They are the best financial option.

They are geometrically stronger than any other tank and can withstand heavy winds and flooding. In the hot months, they disperse the heat to keep the water cool and they are easier to clean than slimline and box-shaped tanks.

Consider your options carefully and if you would like to know more, get in touch to chat to our friendly staff. Contact us online or call us today on (02) 6679 3245.

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