Standard fitting positions apply to all Poly, Aquaplate, and Stainless Steel water tanks.  Aquaplate and Stainless Steel tanks need the fitting information before the manufacturer can start production and you will be asked to choose where you would like to place them on your tank at the beginning of your enquiry.  On the other hand, the installation crew modify the fitting positions of Poly Tanks onsite at the time of delivery.

Inlet Fitting

Rainwater enters the tank through the INLET on the lid of the water tank. Typically, the inlet fits a 400mm diameter strainer (other sizes include 300mm and 400mm). Our manufacturer supplies a 400mm inlet with strainer and light guard as standard. The light guard prevents your rainwater from exposure to Ultraviolet light which encourages algae growth.

Inlet Fitting Positions

Overflow Fitting

Every water tank requires an OVERFLOW connection point installed at the top of the wall, directly under the lid. The manufacturer fit water tanks with a 90mm or 100mm PVC corrugated over-flow body, depending on the size of the tank and the manufacturer.

Overflow Fitting Positions

Outlet Fitting

We fit each water tank with a 25MM OUTLET and ball valve at the base of the tank that comes standard with every water tank.  In addition, Storz (NSW) or Camlock (Qld) fire fittings are required in bushfire prone areas. These outlets are adapters for Australian Fire Brigades & Rural Fire Services so they can quickly and easily couple their equipment with your water tank outlet in an emergency.


Outlet Fitting Positions


• Inlet: 12 o’clock (or A, B or C for slimline) • Overflow: 6 o’clock • Outlet: 1 o’clock (or 6, for
slimline) • Storz/Camlock Fitting: 2 o’clock (or 7 for slimline).
We can assist you in deciding where the best fitting positions should for your tank.

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